Ready. Set. Film!

Four teams from some of the most respected film schools in the country stepped into The Cable Show spotlight to produce original short films during the Imagine Film Challenge – the Cable Show’s first-ever 48-hour student filmmaker competition.

And the winner is. . .

Special congratulations to the 'Broken Slates' from the New York Film Academy, winners of the $10,000 first-place prize!

WATCH THE FILMS NOW, along with a video capture of their journey along the way.

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Imagine Film Challenge Highlights

  • 4 teams
  • 110 students
  • 5 expert judges
  • 48 hours
  • $10,000 first-place prize

How it Worked

Four teams of student filmmakers have 48 hours to shoot, edit and present an original short film during The Cable Show 2014.

Film requirements included:

  • Three compulsory elements:
    • The line “the future is today”.
    • The use of a kite as a prop.
    • A minimum of four locations, one of which must be The Cable Show exhibit floor.
  • A total running time between four and seven minutes.
  • Live-action format, but any genre. 
  • The filmmakers’ HQ will be in Imagine Park.
  • ESPN Films mentored the teams with their professional input and encouragement. 
  • Finished films were screened live in Imagine Park before a panel of judges.
  • Prize packages were awarded to fund upcoming projects.
  • ShortsHD will broadcast the films on their television network.
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